Bull Trial Report 6th April 2014

Although it has been very dry the bulls have gained very good weight since the last meeting. This month the average weight was 618kg and the average gain was 28.5kgs. The heaviest bull is Tag 203 Grayleen Horace, who weighed 686kg. He is a polled son of Grayleen Dante. As of the last weigh every bull is now over 550kgs.

Looking forward, Bill Austin will be scanning the bulls on Sunday 13 April at 8:30am, which is next weekend. anyone wishing to attend is more than welcome.

We also will be having a judging and assessment day, we normally do this closer to sale day.
Julie and I will be taking photos soon and Ihope to have the catalogue out by early May. As you all should know now the sale day is the 3rd of June.

I would like to thank everyone that has come and helped with the weigh days especially those who helped at the last weigh when Icouldn't get there.

Thank you also to Richard, Diana and John for all your hard work in getting the bulls to where they are now.

Liz Maslin
Trial Convenor

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