Innovation for Limousin Breeders – Females sold online 2015


Limousin buyers now have the opportunity to take part in a new type of auction for Limousin females. During February there will be weekly online auctions for Limousin females.  Buyers are keen to get hold of more females.  Daryl Bott (Chairman of Limousin New Zealand and Senior Vice President of the Australian Limousin Society) urged people interested in putting more muscle and meat into their cattle to visit the Limousin New Zealand website. On the website there is information about each Limousin female lot for sale. Most Limousin breeders have heifers and cows for viewing and for sale. The lots on offer through the new type of auction this year are all unjoined heifers. Both black and apricot heifers are on offer.  It is an ideal way to get into Limousins or extend a beef herd with some quality genetics.

Mr Bott is enthusiastic about the innovative vehicle for offering quality Limousin females to the market, commenting that   “Making contact with Limousin breeders will enable beef farmers to see the new Limousin up close and appreciate what they have to offer.  Limousin are fast becoming associated with top prices, in the yards and at the works. Muscling and high yield have always been a strong selling point of Limousin.  Now, the new Limousin also offers measurable docility.”

Limousin has an excellent product and now it is time for Limousin to spread in the NZ beef market.  Limousin is well known as a breed which will add muscle, meat and profit to beef herds. Limousin will greatly benefit from Yield payments, something butchers already recognise in their bidding at the saleyards.

Limousin bulls are currently sold through the highly successful annual Limousin Bull Trial sales.

 18 May, in Dunsandel in the South Island 
2 June, in the Waikato in the North Island

The North Island Limousin Group celebrated 20 years of the Limousin Bull Trial last year. The Limousin New Zealand website has updates on bulls for sale, tracking their progress through each of the Bull Trials. Snake Gully Limousins also has an annual sale in Maungakaramea and Mangatara Limousins had its first sale in Dannevirke in September 2014.

By visiting the website, and “animals for sale” you will see the offering for the inaugural Female Limousin Online Sale.

For more information contact NZ Limousin Breeders Society: Peta Lean (Kivlean Limousins) or Daryl Bott (Phoenix Limousins)



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