Limousin Shines at Canterbury Park

The annual “on the hoof” cattle competition was run earlier this week at Canterbury Park saleyards in Christchurch. The steers and heifers are judged “on the hoof” on the Monday evening with all entrants put “under the hammer” the next day. Trophies were presented to the best steer/heifer, the best pairs, and the supreme winner. Entries were strong across a number of breeds with Limousin coming out on top.

A two year old Limousin steer weighing 630kg and entered by local farmer Tony Partridge won the overall supreme award. It sold for a record price of $3.19/kgLW ($2010 gross).
In the pairs section two Limousin heifers averaging 565kg and entered by local farmer John McDrury also cleaned up. They sold for $3.13/kgLW which again got the crowd excited.  Both heifers were bred by Warrick James (Ben More Graziers).

Warrick also sold a stunning 610kg heifer for a very respectable $3.09/kgLW and another heifer weighing 555kg sold by John McDrury went for $3.08/kgLW.

In all the top five prices paid at the sale were for Limousin cattle.  Other prime steers went for $2.65 to $3.00 and heifers $2.50 to $2.97. It was clear that a premium was on offer for Limousin genetics.


The New Zealand beef schedule is well up on previous seasons. Natalie Roberts recently sent a four year old cull cow to the works.  She weighed 726kgs live weight and made $2226.59 net after deductions. That works out at an incredible $3.06/kgLW. Natalie was very pleased and is now looking at her other cows in a different light!


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