Limousin dominate the 2015 Otago-Southland Beef Competition

In previous years Limousin cattle have dominated the results in the Otago-Southland Beef Competition and this year was no different. Hoof & Hook competitions are now uncommon in New Zealand but the Otago-Southland Competition continues to attract good numbers of entrants with 38 this year across a number of breeds.

Held last week at Alliance Group Mataura Beef processing plant in Southland, live (hoof) judging was held on Monday 22nd June with the carcase (hoof) judging and prize-giving held on Thursday, 25th June.

The animals were judged “on the hoof” in three weight categories. In announcing the results the Judges justified their decisions with verbal explanations.  Their Hoof Champion was a tremendous Limousin Steer from Tim Grant of Milton (Temoananui Stud) who was the recipient of the Doug Lindsay Trophy. The judges commented that “this steer exhibited quality fleshing from top to tail and muscle in all the right places plus some”. The Reserve Champion was an outstanding Limousin Heifer presented by Judy Miller and Clark Scott of Tapanui (Loch Head stud) with the heifer showing fantastic conformation and balance.  

Both judges commented on the high standard of entrants. 

Limousin success in the HOOF competition... 

CLASS 1 (220-270kg)
1st        Geoff Edgar - Pure Limousin Heifer
2nd       Colin & Jennifer Phillips - Pure Limousin Heifer

CLASS 2 (271-320kg)
1st         Judy Miller & Clark Scott - Pure Limousin Heifer   RESERVE HOOF CHAMPION
2nd       Rob & Jean Johnstone - Pure Limousin Steer
3rd        Mike Thompson - Pure Limousin Steer

CLASS 3 (321kg+)
1st        Tim Grant - Pure Limousin Steer     HOOF CHAMPION & Doug Lindsay Trophy
2nd       Evan Ferris - Pure Limousin Steer
3rd        Geoff Edgar - Pure Limousin Steer

Carcass judging was carried out by senior staff at Alliance’s Mataura Beef Processing Facility. Points were awarded for various factors including Eye Muscle Area and Fat Cover, pH, Muscle Class and Dentition. This culminated in a prize-giving luncheon courtesy of Alliance and attended by entrants and sponsors.

Limousin success in the HOOK competition...

CLASS 1 (220-270kg)
1st       Lindsay & Jo Bowmar - Pure Limousin Heifer (EMA 108)

CLASS 2 (271-320kg)
1st        Rob & Jean Johnstone - Limousin Heifer (EMA 117)  OVERALL CHAMPION & ALAN DODDS TROPHY
2nd       Geoff  Edgar - Limousin Steer (EMA 114)
3rd       Geoff  Edgar - Limousin Heifer (EMA 123)

1st        Stuart & Cheryl Clearwater -Limousin Steer (EMA 136) OVERALL RESERVE CHAMPION     
2nd        Geoff  Edgar - Limousin Steer (EMA 155)    
PGG Wrightson Most Valuable Animal      
3rd        Geoff  Edgar - Limousin Steer (EMA 131)

The award for BEST NEW ENTRANT went to commercial farmer’s Dean and Sandra Willis from Milton who entered two Class 2 Limousin steers.

Pictured above:  L-R Rob Johnstone (Overall Winner) and Geoff Edgar (Most Valuable Animal)

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