Maungakaramea Spring Fair, Northland

Each year in Early September a Spring Sale is held in the Maungakaramea Saleyards where over a thousand head are auctioned. Commercial breeders Murray and Kathy Child have topped this sale consistently with their Rising Yearling Limousin/Angus Steers and Heifers and this year was no different. Competition for these cross bred rising yearlings is always fierce as over the years they have gained a reputation for their ability to become valuable assets to their new owners with their growth rates exceeding those of other breeds.  The top pen of 21 steers of which only one was a year old average weight 350 kg brought $1000.00 plus GST.  The 90 Limousin/Angus steers presented at the sale brought an average of $880.00 plus GST.

Once again the much sort after Rising Yearling Limousin/Angus Heifers topped the sale at $695.00 for a pen of red heifers followed closely by $690 for the top pen of blacks with an overall average of $670 for the 51 heifers presented by the vendor after selecting 80 replacement rising one year old heifers to retain in his commercial herd.

In April this year Murray and Kathy Child hosted all those attending the New Zealand Limousin Breeders AGM on their Tangihua Property. They have purchased Limousin sires for 16 consecutive years from the Snake Gully Stud including the Australian sire Premier Dauphin D27 imported by Dannie O’Shea  as part of his introducing black Limousin bloodlines into the Snake Gully Herd.  In June this year Murray purchased two sires.  Snake Gully Holiday  - a Runl Stetson son by a dam carrying bloodlines of Wulfs Lowell, Foxtrot Double Agent and Australia’s Timor Donna 4.  His second purchase of Snake Gully Hella, whose Australian bloodlines include those of  Birubi and Premier under the hammer was the highest priced black sire of the Snake Gully June Sale offering.

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