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Moving Ahead with Mangatara Limousins

The rolling hills near Dannevirke are likely to be covered with walking gold from early May. Erik and Lyn Van der Velden  have  moved their  Mangatara stud operation from Maungataperea in Northland to Dannevirke.  Limousin will undoubtedly make its presence felt in Hawkes Bay  inspired by the leadership of Mangatara. With 500ha and a herd increase to 250 apricot and black cows, Dannevirke will reap the benefits of the high yielding and highly efficient Limousins.

Erik and Lyn Van Der Velden were introduced to Limousin some 20 years ago before they embarked on a successful career in dairying.  It has taken the last four or five years to choose a new mixed farming property.” Mangatara’s mission is to breed docile, polled Limousin with good muscle on an average frame, with low birth weight, good CED and CEM, high marbling and good growth.”

Erik and Lyn have sourced their start up cows from a wide range of reputable NZ Limousin Studs including nearby Northland Snake Gully Limousins and the Dore dispersal in the Manawatu. Some early cows hark back to the Northland  Framoire and Rototira Studs. With an eye to expansion into new genetics, particularly those suited to the dairy industry,  Mangatara has undertaken an extensive AI and ET programme which is now well developed and with proven results.

In 2012 Erik and Lyn became famous in Australia for their purchase of the three top priced heifers at the Australian National Limousin Sale in Wadonga. Two heifers came from the Mandayen Stud and one from Chateau Limousins.

Mandayen Abigail and Mandayen Special Cookie

Chateau Gin ‘n Tonic

Currently many of their progeny are on the ground and weaned.

Gin ‘n Tonic X Wulfs Xtractor, Mandayen Special Cookie X Wulfs Xtractor (Right)

These days Erik and Lyn have branched out to offer a wide range of not only apricot but also black Limousins.  Mangatara Limousin embarked on a USA embryo program, with the first calves weaned, April 2014. Donors were selected from 5 herds on the following criteria: Calving ease, fertility, docility, early growth and low mature cow weight, marbling and good structure.

Erik and Lyn are also developing an Angus Stud to complement the Limousins on their new Rakaiatai Angus Stud property. Limousin/Angus cross adds muscle to the “Limflex” Link to the LImflex article offspring. The FL49 gene, unique to Limousin, Link to FL49 article, is already well known for the effect of the Limousin on the rump of cattle.

One attraction of the new property is a state of the art selling complex.  Mangatara Limousin is looking forward to christening the facility with their on farm sale of some 40 Limousin bulls and 40 Angus bulls on 29 September, 2014.  Also on offer will be Limousin females, mostly with calves at foot.

Peta Lean

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