North Island Bull Trial Update

The North Island Bull Trial enjoyed another great weighing last week (mid January) and the bulls are looking excellent. The growing conditions have been good in the Waikato and the weight gains reflect that.  In 28 days the average weight gain was 2 kg/day with the biggest gain of 66 kg by an On-Dit bull who is also the heaviest at 630kg.  The average weight is now 572kg with 6 bulls over 600kg.  

Normally conditions get a bit tougher going into February with hot days but so far the summer has been easy for the cattle.  We will now be watching for the first flush of facial eczema which can be an issue in this region and can go on into May. 

This week one bull will leave the trial due to our selection criteria so we will have 12 to continue through the summer months. The bulls have settled well into the crush handling routine and have all had excellent behavior in the paddock situation. 

The next weighing is on February 19th.


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