South Island Bull Test Underway

The South Island Bull test is also well underway with 12 bulls from six different studs. The trial is again being conducted at Dunsandel and co-ordinated by Gary Kennett and Warwick James

The average entry weight of 325kg was lower than in previous years due to seasonal conditions. However at the second weighing on Tuesday 1 October the bulls had gained an average of 52kg or 1.86kg/day in the previous 28 days. The group is more even than in past years; there are no super heavy weights that stand out as in previous years. 

Coats are still rough but a couple of months of warmer weather will encourage their summer coats to come through.  Their raised copper levels are evident in their darker coat colour.  They are a quiet group with no obvious temperament concerns at this stage. Hair samples have been taken and sent away for proto testing.

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