South Island Bull Trial underway

The 8th Annual South Island Bull Trial (NZ) officially commenced this month with the first weigh-in earlier in the week. The bull trial is an opportunity for local members to enter high performing yearling bulls and to compare different genetics under the same environmental conditions. The trial is run until sale date in May next year on a pasture-only feed regime. This year there are 14 bulls on entry from eight breeders. We welcome on board George Finlayson (Willowburn stud) for the first time.

There is a good range of genetics including several full French, black, and at least four polled bulls. There are also four bulls from AI including progeny from Mandayen Vision Y329 and Wulfs Xtractor.

On entry all animals received the same supplement treatment (copper bolus, selenium, B12) and were drenched. Hair samples were taken for DNA analysis. All bulls are temperament scored each month to ensure only the quietest animals are offered for sale.

At the initial weigh-in the average weight was 368kg (compared to 324kg last year) and significantly up on all previous bull trial entry weights. Top weight was 465kg. It is a pleasing start to the South Island’s 8th trial which seems to be growing in popularity and quality each year.

Sale date is Monday 23 May 2016.

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