South Island Limousin Bull Trial

There are 18 yearling bulls on trial at the South Island Limousin Bull Trial near Christchurch.  Bulls entered the trial during August and are taken through to sale in May next year.  To be eligible they must have been born between 1 July and 31 October 2013. 

Their monthly weighing was held last Tuesday.  Again there were some impressive weight gains with an average gain of 2.3kg/day with one animal averaging 3kg/day for the month.  We are probably in the peak weight gain period in Canterbury so it is pleasing to see the bulls being given every chance to grow out.  Top weights were 592kg (two animals) with an average weight of 483kg.  They are only grass fed with no supplementation.

The bulls are looking very healthy with excellent coat colour and condition.  Temperament is excellent.

Possibly of interest to Australian readers is the Aussie genetics involved.  There is a Mandayen Vision Y329 son and grandson in the trial as well as one Mandayen Guardian A488 grandson.  

Of more general interest are three ET calves from UK based genetics.  Other sires and grandsires include Wilodge Tonka, RUNL Stetson, and ROMN Tow Truck.


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